5 Best Games to Stream on Twitch: A Guide for Everyone

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According to the recent estimated record, there are up to 2.3 million broadcasters on Twitch. All of these are active users; that is why Twitch got the most entertaining streaming app. It is all because of the streamers who have streaming channels.

Some streamers are known to earn $100,000s per month. A handsome earning can spark anyone’s eye; it is why many people dream of becoming a professional player on Twitch streaming.

Best Games to Stream on Twitch: Complete Guide

But it is not as easy as it seems. One should know the basic things. The essential one is to know about the interest of the audience. You should know which type of games the audience likes to watch. For this purpose, it will go well if you know the best games to stream on Twitch.

What to Stream on Twitch?


Many people like to watch your daily life routine, which you can say vlogging content. Some of them like gaming streams, and the third category is those who want to watch you streaming. Whatever they like, you need to show them something exciting and meaningful.

If people like to watch game streaming, it means you need to understand their interests. Then check whether this specific game has many viewers or not. It is all that matters for streaming. Also, you must be more creative and precise for the growth purpose of the streaming channel.

It can be a little complicated to find the best games to play, primarily for newbie streamers. Many known games of these times like Call of Duty or Cyberpunk are entertaining. But at the time, it was challenging to channel growth because these games had great competition. Here is an article recommended for you suggesting you the best time for twitch.

Tips on How to Stream on Twitch

To stream your gameplay, music, or any related work is not difficult if you have all the requirements. In this way, you need to get some easy steps to stream on Twitch.

In the first step, you have to create your official Twitch account if you do not have any. For account creation, you have to switch on the Two-Factor Authentication to ensure that your Twitch account is secure.

Besides, you can also have an opportunity to download the app on your mobile phone devices. Now, review all terms and conditions for privacy policy and allow it. Not only this, you need to establish the Moderation settings for security purposes.

AutoMod is one of the best and available tools that work as the front defense line for moderation. After this, customization of the channel comes. It is when viewers search for you, so they should know about you and your channel purpose.

The final thing is an optimization of the entire Twitch streaming set-up. For this purpose, it is compulsory to have all the required hardware and software. Some of the essential things include a webcam, audio devices, SSD, and many things.

These are the actual needs of streamers to provide good video and audio to their audience. Now the time comes, it is to make the selection of your broadcasting software. For this purpose, you can consider “Twitch Studio.”

It is the best streaming software for Twitch and also available on Mac and Windows. Everything is now ready, and you are fully prepared to start your journey at Twitch.

5 Games to Stream on Twitch

As mentioned in the above detail, it becomes complicated for new streamers to find the best stream games. If they decide to play the known games, like PUBG and Call of Duty, they need to work hard. Otherwise, they have to face many hurdles for the growth of the channel.

That’s why the streamer has to find the game precisely and wisely. Select those games which can enhance the viewer rate. Before choosing, you need to consider some factors. Like why you are going to begin game streaming because each streamer has its streaming purpose.

Some people like to show their experience in games, and many want to earn an amount from streaming. So, select the games according to your interest. 

If you consider becoming a casual streamer, then there is no need to worry. In this way, the viewer’s rate does not matter; you need to play any game or stream anything.

Many casual streamers stream stories and others play games. So, the thing is to stream the content which you like to play and enjoy. There is no strong selection for any games. But in the case of professionals streaming, you need to move in a different direction.

If you are interested in a few games, it would not be enough to stream on Twitch. You need to search out and analyze trending games and make a stream on them. It will help in gaining more reviews and subscribers. Here is an article recommended for you providing you the insight into online streamers.

Twitch Plays

It is a gaming channel where you can have social experiments along with streaming. In this channel, a vast crowd plays Nintendo’s Pokemon and Game Freaks by sending requests to other users via the chatroom of this channel.

That’s why this channel has made its place in the Guinness World Record. The reason this channel provides online streaming for single players.


The word ASMR stands for Auto Sensory Median Response. It is different from another channel where you can have an audio voice to listen to. The reason is here; you will get a tingling sensation. You can feel this sensation starting from the scalp and then crawling down to the backside of your neck or spine.

This unique channel is also present on Twitch, where you can enjoy your favorite and relaxing sound. Besides, if you want to have an ASMR channel, you will also get good views and subscribers.

Lineage: Blood Pledge

It is an online game that consists of Korean origin. Lineage – Blood Pledge is an exciting game where the player can enter the middle-age world found in lineage. In this game, you will have four characters. Wizard, elf, prince, and the fourth is Knight.

As the name explains, the primary objective of the game is to join the Blood pledge. You need to pass the levels. Many people play this game on Twitch and are getting traffic or views.

Raid: Shadow Legends


It is also one of the best games to play on Twitch. With this game, you can have more views, and people will not resist subscribing. At the start of the competition, when you open, you have to select the champion.

It will be difficult for you because you have to clear the level of the game, which becomes exciting and more demanding. Many streamers have played this game and do streaming on Twitch. As a result, they have noticed a significant increase in subscribers.

War of Warships

There is a massive crowd of people who genuinely like this game and also want to play. The world of warships is a fantastic game that comes with an excellent equilibrium between all the ships.

When you stream this game on Twitch, it will double the twist, and you will also enjoy it. Besides, here you find a tier, which you want to complete eagerly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which game is best for live streaming?

Many games are best to stream on Twitch. These include:

  • Lineage: Blood pledge
  • Raid: Shadow legends
  • World of Warships

What games should I stream on Twitch?

The professional streamers have to give suggestions for new streamers. Playing those games that consist of tier mostly chooses the round with the second tire for streaming. If you are considering streaming Hearthstone, Valorant, or any other, then stop.

What game is streamed the most?

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG


It is awe-inspiring if you understand this complete guide. Besides, you also know the best games to stream on Twitch.

Once again, the competitive games demand you to work hard, but they can earn you significant money if you stream. You can enjoy these games more on PC but also on android. 

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