About Twitch Tips

What is Twitch Tips?

Twitch Tips is an unofficial resource for Twitch tips, tools and tutorials. The website features a variety of content that is created to help Twitch streamers grow their channels. Content is often submitted by the website owner and its contributors.

What happened to the old Twitch Tips?

Regular visitors may have noticed that, yes — Twitch Tips has certainly undergone some major changes. The website was sold to a new owner, David Di Franco, who is dedicated to making its content better than ever.

How can I contribute to Twitch Tips?

The content on Twitch Tips is entirely driven by its community. That means you! If you have an article that you would like to submit for publication, check out the Contribute page for more information.

Can Twitch Tips really help me grow on Twitch?

Absolutely! Twitch Tips is backed by content that actually works. Everything you read on the website is derived through Twitch streamers who know what they're doing. And of course, the content is always free.

If the content is free, how does Twitch Tips generate revenue?

Content featured on Twitch Tips will always be 100% free — guaranteed. Any costs associated with the website are supported by Amazon affiliate links that can occasionally be found throughout. This is particularly important to note on the Gear page.