Considering my first Twitch tips video has been doing quite well, I figured it was time to move onto the next step and share even more secrets on how to grow your Twitch channel in 2018. Like any form of social media, growing isn’t easy — but it’s also not impossible. Follow my advice below and you’ll see improvements in no time.

Before diving into the good stuff, I do recommend visiting my Twitch channeland taking a look around. It’s always a good idea to get a visual representation of what we’re working with. And with that said, let’s begin.

1. Use a facecam.

One of the first things I look for when browsing new streamers to watch is whether they’re using a facecam. In my opinion, seeing who is playing the game makes things that much more interesting. Going this route not only puts a face to the voice, but interacting with them feels welcoming and personal. It’s almost as if you’re there.

I understand not everyone is comfortable with showing their face on the Internet, and that’s perfectly fine. But why not give it a shot and see how things go? If it helps, you could always wear some kind of disguise to liven things up, such as an ugly wig or a funny mask of some kind. Don’t be afraid to have fun.

2. Set up chatroom commands with Moobot.

If you find yourself streaming regularly, then you will want to consider setting up a bot for your chatroom. A chat bot can be used in a variety of ways, but the most common uses include displaying answers to questions that are asked repeatedly by viewers, showing the current game you’re playing, and even automating giveaway winners at the click of a button.

A chat bot’s usage depends entirely on the streamer and what they’re looking to get out of it. While there are many chat bots to choose from, my personal favorite is Moobot. It’s free to use and offers a ton of features that can help improve your stream.

3. Display an interesting, non-obtrusive overlay.

Overlays, visual elements that can be used to enhance the presentation of Twitch streams, are incredibly common. They’re typically a must-have for any streamer and something you should definitely check out. For all your overlay needs, I highly recommend the website It’s free to use and very easy to understand.

But wait… Before you go crazy with your overlays and adding a ton of pizzazz, it’s important to remember design principles and how they apply in creating an enjoyable presentation. In other words, don’t go too crazy. Be sure to start out with what really matters. For my streams, I use the following:

• Facecam with border that matches my overall theme• @daviddifranco name displayed prominently• Recent followers and subscribers• Streamlabs Tip Jar• Current viewers count

The above may sound like a lot, but everything is well integrated into a presentation that works and doesn’t get in the way of any gameplay that is being displayed. A preview of how my stream appears can be seen below:

4. Approach haters cautiously.

There’s a simple rule on the Internet that applies to pretty much any social media platform: The more you grow and succeed, the greater chance you will encounter haters. And this is so very true for Twitch. I have my fair share of haters attacking me on occasion, and for what? Most of the time, I honestly have no clue. It just comes with the territory, I guess.

So, how do you handle haters on Twitch? It’s simple… Block them and move on. This is the same approach I use on YouTube. It’s best not to get involved. Doing so will only bring you down and possibly distract you from gameplay. It’s best to focus on what’s important — the positivity from your community. However, with that said…

Sometimes you can have fun with haters. I don’t always recommend going this route, but I did have an interest encounter not too long ago. It’s explained in the video at the top.

5. Rank #2 on older games.

Despite what I talked about in my first tips video, you don’t necessarily have to stream popular games to bring in viewers. If anything, you’re more than likely going to be buried under everyone else. After all, the average user doesn’t always scroll to the bottom of the list to see who’s streaming. They’re usually going to start at the top and slowly work their way down.

I do, however, have a method that seems to work wonders — and I’m calling this a pro tip.

If you ever find yourself browsing the top games on Twitch and come across an older game that is oddly popular at the time, it’s probably because a very popular streamer is playing that game. This is your chance to jump in and stream the same game, significantly increasing your odds of becoming the second top streamer. And if not second, then perhaps third or fourth. Either way, use this opportunity to your advantage. Curiosity from random viewers will take care of the rest.

Just like before, I invite you to share your Twitch channel in the comments below! Let us know a little bit about yourself, when you stream, and the games you like to play. Every follow counts, right?