Do you have the issue where you can only see a gray screen with the Twitch logo centered in the middle? Here’s how to fix it! The reason(s) you may be getting this issue is due to one of the following:

  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser
  • Extension causing JavaScript errors
  • Firewall and/or security software blocking JavaScript execution
  • Possible malware
  • DNS issues

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Depending on the browser you’re using, follow the relevant instructions below:

Disabled Javascript

Google Chrome: Go to: Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Javascript

From here, make sure “Allow all sites to run JavaScript” is selected

Click “Done”

Mozilla Firefox: In the URL address bar, type the following: about:config

Press enter

You may see a warning screen appear. Ignore this and move on.

Type javascript.enabled into the search bar below the address bar

Once you see the “javascript.enabled” preference, make sure the assigned value is “true” and not “false”. If it’s “false,” simply right-click and select the “toggle option”.


Once you’ve made sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser and you’re still getting the gray screen, its time to check extensions.

Firstly, let’s test something… In your browser, open a new Incognito window and try loading Do you still get the same error? If so, your problem isn’t likely an extension. If you did manage to load Twitch successfully, then your perpetrator is probably an extension. Go to your extension listings and make sure to disable all extensions.

Now try to load again. If it works, you can begin to enable extensions one by one until you find the one that is causing the issue and remove it from your installed extensions.

Anti-Virus/Security Software

There are hundreds of anti-virus and security software programs available, so it’s practically impossible for me to list every single one with detailed instructions on what to do. If you can, try to disable any firewall or web protection for a couple of minutes and try loading

Still getting the issue? If not, then your perpetrator is somewhere within those security settings. Fiddle around and let me know how you fixed it so we can keep others up to date!


Malware can be very annoying, sophisticated and a general pain in the ass to deal with. However, there are some wonderful tools available to use! My advice is to install AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes, and scan for any malware/adware lurking on your PC. Below are links to said tools:

MalwareBytes | AdwCleaner

DNS Issues

Recently it’s been noted that DNS issues on the user’s end may cause an issue reaching the content delivery network (CDN) for Twitch. If you already know how to alter your DNS, you can simply change to either of the following DNS providers:




Hopefully you managed to get the problem dealt wit. If not, keep trying. You may have just missed something simple. Keep the community updated in the comments below! Your solution could possibly help others.