Enhance Your Twitch Streams Using BetterTTV

BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, bug fixes, and reduced clutter. A breakdown of its features can be found below:


  • Chat tweaks
  • Blacklist spam
  • Chat field history
  • Highlight words and phrases
  • Pinned highlighted words and phrases
  • Improved connection monitoring & server selection
  • Resizeable (drag-able) chat
  • Show or remove deleted messages
  • Split chat lines and paragraph indentation
  • Unban all users with /massunban
  • Username color calculation (prevents hard-to-read names)
  • Username & emote tab completion
  • Enhanced moderator cards and keybinds
  • Anon Chat (hidden in viewer list)
  • Chat image link previews on hover
  • Broadcast Dashboard - Prioritizes chat, and auto-updates channel statistics
  • Darken Twitch - A slick, gray theme which will make you love Twitch even more
  • Notifications - On-site and desktop notifications when people send you messages, mention you in chat, and when channels you follow go live & more!

Guide to setting up BetterTTV

Download it from the specific link for your browser:

Once you have installed BetterTTV, navigate to a Twitch channel and click the cog. followed by "BetterTTV Settings":

Below are my custom settings, which I think are the best way to do it. But feel free to try everything out for yourself.

This post was submitted by Gav. Thanks to NightDev, LLC for their amazing add-on! Lirik was used as an example for chat screenshots.