People often ask how to set up a PayPal donation button or panel on their Twitch channel. This tutorial will go through the entire process from logging into PayPal to getting your donation button set up. What you need in order to follow this tutorial is as follows:

  • PayPal account (it’s free to sign up)
  • Pre-made donation button or image for the panels (max width and height is 320px x 320px)

First, we’re going to need to log in to PayPal. Once logged in, direct yourself to the “Profile” drop-down and click on “My Selling Preferences”. From here, under “Selling online” you’ll see the option “PayPal Buttons”. To the right, you’ll either see “Get started” or “Update”. Click this link and you’ll be taken to the page where you can create a new button.

If you haven’t created a PayPal button, you’ll be taken straight to the button creation process. However if you already have an existing button, you’ll be shown a list of all your currently active buttons. To begin the creation process, click the “Create new button” link to the right of the listed buttons.

Now that we’re onto the button creation process, choose “Donations” from the button type drop-down menu. Give yourself an “Organization name/service” (i.e. your Twitch channel name), and then scroll down to the currency drop-down. Here you can select your native currency if you so wish(USD, GBP, etc).

There are more options you can modify, which I won’t go into on this post, but may do so in the future. Feel free to take your time and customize your donation button/process as much as you’d like to.

Once you’re done fiddling with the settings, click the “Save changes” button at the bottom and you’ll be taken to a page that gives you the website embed code, as well as the direct email URL. We want the email one, so click on the email tab. Inside the text box will be a link — this link is what we’ll link to an image on your Twitch channel.

From here, go to your Twitch channel (i.e., scroll down and look for the “edit panels” toggle, and the click “on” option. Now you can add a new panel or modify an existing panel if you so wish. Simply click the “Add image” button, select your pre-made or pre-gathered donation button/image, and then put the URL you got from the email tab on PayPal in the “Image links to” field.

Give your panel an easily recognizable name, such as “tip jar”, “donations” or whatever you want to call it. Submit the panel and you’re done!

Please take note: PayPal’s “donation” button is designed for non-profit organizations. If you raise over $10,000, they will require proof that you are a non-profit organization.