Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile

Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile

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A common issue we see if many have issues with Bluetooth headphones not working with Discord Mobile. This can be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from discord mobile application issues to user error.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience in not being able to connect my Bluetooth headphones with my Android phone using the Discord mobile app. The troubleshooting guide can easily be carried over if you are having issues with Discord Mobile on iPhone. By the end of the post you should have your communication mode fixed whether your running a Google Pixel or the latest iPhone.

 Why Use Headphones for Discord Mobile?

One reason people are so fond of Discord is that it’s a very effective way to communicate in a more private, low-disturbance manner than over the phone. This is especially true if you wish to hear more clearly while listening. Discord can even work if you need privacy and are in a noisy place. Nevertheless, if Discord’s call and voice chat features aren’t working properly, it can be fixed.

Did you know that you can connect Discord to your Twitch Stream. We have a complete article detailing how to setup the connection from Discord to Twitch.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones for Discord Mobile?

Yes, whether you’re using Discord on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, you may use wired, wireless or Bluetooth headphones. Most of the time, things goes smoothly. Everything is as simple as connecting your headphones to your phone. It’s possible that these headphones may require some troubleshooting. This should begin with a check of the headphones and the device before moving on to the app’s configuration.

This tutorial will show screenshots for fixing your Bluetooth headphones not working with Discord Mobile on android. Following the same troubleshooting steps, you should be able to fix any Discord Mobile Bluetooth issues on iPhone.

Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones Not Working on Discord?

It is possible for headphones to malfunction for a variety of reasons. It’s a miracle that Discord calls and voice channels don’t glitch all the time, given how many sophisticated technical aspects need to be coordinated.

Even though Skype and Teamspeak dominated the market in 2015, Discord actually increased market share by offering superior sound quality. Sound quality can still be a concern with Discord, even if it outperforms several rivals. While the root problems may not always be obvious, they aren’t insurmountable.

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile

While bugs in the software following an update may be the source of voice issues on Discord, it’s best to first ensure that none of the issues you’re experiencing are your own fault.

Check Your Headset

It’s best to start by making sure your headphones are truly working. Make sure they’re in good condition and have enough battery power.

It’s possible that your Bluetooth isn’t working, you’ve muted the volume, or the headset is suffering a problem. To avoid unnecessary pain, don’t skip this basic step. Playing an audio or video file on your phone or opening a random YouTube video is an easy way to verify incoming sound is working.

It’s time to check for other possible sources of trouble now that you’ve validated that the headphones operate on other services.

Check your Phone Status

When a headset is plugged in, the phone’s status bar usually displays a headset icon at the top of the screen. Checking to see if the headset is attached is simple if yours does this. At the bottom of the screen when you join a voice channel, you’ll find icons for the speakers, headsets, and microphone. Check to be sure they haven’t been crossed out. An symbol in a Discord voice conversation with a green ring indicating that the person is sending sound has a voice activity indicator.

Connected Devices

Your Bluetooth icon should also be checked. In order for Bluetooth devices to function, your Bluetooth must be enabled. The headset should be visible in the list of linked devices if your Bluetooth is turned on.

Check Phone Voice Settings

You should also check your device’s voice settings if you’re experiencing issues with Discord audio, as these are another easy fixable problem. Tap on the speaker symbol when you’re in a voice chat to see all the various output options.

Check Discord Mobile Settings

Open the Discord app on your mobile device. Under App Settings, select Voice from the drop-down menu.

Check to see that the Volume Output slider is at least half-way-up

Disable Automatic Gain Control

In order to keep audio signals consistent, an automatic gain control mechanism is used. It enhances low-volume noises and decreases high-volume sounds to maintain a consistent volume level.

Suppose you’re in a room with ten other people. A person speaking 10 feet away will speak louder, and conversing with a person standing just a few feet away will speak softly. In a sense, this is an application of automated gain control. Depending on how far you are from the person you are speaking to, you naturally drop and raise your voice.

In the same way, Discord uses complex software to perform the same thing. In order to maintain a constant output despite callers being in widely separated geographic areas, the app must modify the strength of their signals. Even yet, there are flaws in the system. They claim their voices have been reduced to whispers for no apparent cause.

Things like background noise can have an effect on it. You may not be able to hear anything but the baby’s screams if you’re on a phone call with someone and a baby starts crying immediately next to them. Disabling the automatic gain control on your microphone may help your audio if it already exists.

Close All Applications

Because other applications may be using your microphone or playing a sound, you should exit the app and close all other applications as well. If you have a stable internet connection, the audio problem should be resolved.

Try Disabling Bluetooth

Make sure your device isn’t linked to any wireless speakers, headphones, or microphones. Disabling Bluetooth entirely may help with troubleshooting this step. Restart Bluetooth once it has been switched off. If you still experience issues after you disable Bluetooth, it could potentially be a hardware issue.

Disable Bluetooth

Update the Discord Mobile App

If everything else fails, make sure you’re running the most recent version of Discord. Discord may be found in the App Store, so check to see if it’s up to current and update firmware to the latest version.

Reinstall The Bluetooth Driver

Reinstalling the Bluetooth diver can also let you pair the two devices and listen to music using a Bluetooth headset.

Steps on Configuring A Microphone and Headset in Discord Mobile

If you are new to the Discord Mobile app, below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly setup the Microphone of your headset.

Open the app’s settings and select Voice and video from the menu.

Make sure your volume isn’t too low by checking your volume slider.

Make sure you’re using the correct input mode. You must press a button on the screen in order to begin chatting. Automatic detection and transmission of your voice is made possible through the use of voice activity.

bluetooth headset

If you’ve enabled voice activity, you’ll want to double-check the microphone’s sensitivity. Discord is delivering your voice if the bar is green.

Audio clarity and background noise can be improved by adjusting additional settings like as gain control, noise suppression and echo cancellation.

To get the best settings, I experiment with the Voice Processing options listed below. Automatic Gain Control, Noise Suppression and Advanced Voice Activity can be toggled on and off here.


By following the troubleshooting steps above, you should be able to resolve any issues with your Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile app on either Android or iPhone. If you continue to have issues, let us know in the comments below and I will be glad to assist. 


Below are common question we have seen around Bluetooth Headphones Not Working with Discord Mobile.

Why Won’t Discord Play Through My Headphones?

The Discord app doesn’t play sound through your headphones, even though you have Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds with a mic.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to use the group chat software Discord. If you’re a gamer or niche content creator seeking for a streamlined approach to create, grow, and monetize your gaming content, the Discord chat platform is for you. How can you connect your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to the Discord app if they don’t function with the Discord mobile app?

Your headphones aren’t hearing anything because of audio stream bug issues in the Discord software. Using the Discord app and the web version of the platform to reconnect your Bluetooth headphones to your gaming equipment quickly fixes these sound issues. Discord audio issues are often caused by faulty app updates. Routine app updates are notorious for breaking Discord’s connectivity due to software flaws. If this happens to you, switching to the web browser app may be the solution.

Fixing Problems with Sound Playback in the Discord App on a Computer or PC

If the audio stream from your Discord server isn’t coming through your headphones on your PC, try these steps to fix it:

First open the sound settings on your computer, click the speaker icon on your device as seen in the image below.

In order to see which devices are enabled and disabled in your playback and recording, right-click on the settings button and browse to your computer’s sound system control panel.

In this respect, Discord’s app connectivity is no different from that of the vast majority of other apps. However, because Discord currently uses “the call audio functionality” for your native Android app, the audio functioning of your earphones may be impaired, making it impossible for you to use Discord properly.

Sound mixers within gaming and streaming computers can cause your headphones to not get sound from your discord program if the sound settings are incorrect. Instead, do a sound mixer system search and make sure your Discord app’s sound volume is set to the appropriate level and switched on, as seen in the image below.

For voice conversation on Discord, the app uses a system whereby the voice audio channel labeled as an incoming/outgoing “call” is completely ignored by the app. All other phone sound output is degraded due to this wireless connection, which reduces the overall functionality of your mobile phone mic and speakers.

The discord app’s legacy headset technology is typically used to fix compatibility difficulties with older headsets, which are affected by these functions. Activate your Discord legacy platform by clicking on the gear cog inside your discord user account setting to access the video and audio settings where you can switch to the legacy before restarting your discord app.

You might try updating your operating system as a last resort. Enter “Update” in your search bar to enter your system settings Check for updates window. Make sure to restart your computer after installing the latest OS update by clicking on Check for updates.

Do I Really Need Discord Connectivity for Gaming?

Discord is versatile because it lets any content creator aged 13 years or older to establish public and private discussion boards for your community. When you and your patrons join these forums, you’ll be able to openly discuss everything from video games to podcasting to streaming.

Discord is a relatively young online voice and text chat tool, yet even the most experienced users have reported sound connection troubles. With wireless headphones or earbuds, they still find it difficult to use the most popular messaging app.

In light of the current influx of headphones and earbuds featuring built-in microphones and improving wireless connectivity, it was only a matter of time before Discord’s software could be used with earphones too.

Because the Discord app is available on Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android devices, it’s easy to see why it causes so much frustration among gamers when it fails to connect to Bluetooth headphones.

Discord’s sound troubles can be traced back to a lack of basic sound engineering knowledge. You want to be able to use your Discord sound input and output on several devices, such as an iPad, mobile phone, and desktop computer, but you also expect the app’s complicated sound routing to be plug and play.

For those who use a soundboard to get both discord and game volume through the same headphones, this type of audio routing is a godsend.

Even while you may individually regulate the volume of your Discord and game audio, the sound effects created by such a complicated audio engine have their own set of drawbacks. Let’s say you’re having trouble with the sound quality. Because of these drawbacks, the Discord app cannot meet the needs of all creators.

The Discord app is capable of supplying new sound arrangements that are not possible on mobile, which does not let you to choose which audio device to use for the input/output and just selects the default.

It’s only a matter of time before the Discord support team takes notice of the numerous app users requesting the same audio setting options, and that’s exactly what we’d anticipate to happen. In other words, if the customer is always right, expect that the first problem to be solved by every new streaming software is allowing its users to select their audio input/output.

Why Many Feel that Discord Is the Best Voice And Text Chat App?

Because it allows users to join streaming servers where they may safely connect with larger communities without exposing their IP [internet protocol] identities, the Discord app now stands out as the greatest voice and text chat platform.

Initially, it’s easy to think that the ideal use case scenario for Discord is the e-sports industry. As a result, the company’s marketing focus has been on gaming, even going so far as to give away PC games to paid users.

In order to compete with other streaming services, they focused on Discord, which is a multi-faceted marketing platform where one can make a true business out of their audience.

Is It Safe to Use Discord?

As long as you take the time to set up the proper privacy settings and follow a continual monitoring schedule, anyone can utilize the Discord software platform safely. For the Discord app to work well, every user must take precautions to ensure their loved ones’ safety when engaging online. This is true of most other types of online safety issues as well.

As long as open chats are used to stream content, there will always be a risk of it being intercepted and used against you. Even still, the safest course of action is to use Discord sparingly and only accept friend requests from people you already know and participate on private servers with them.

Does Discord Track My Activity?

No! Because Discord is not peer-to-peer, it is impossible to follow your movements there. Users of the Discord software can create their own private communities on dedicated servers, allowing them to conduct private discussions without disclosing any of their personal information. It means that the only thing that binds you and the other person with whom you’re speaking is your connection to the server in question.

There is no sharing of IP addresses, and only the data the server wants the user to see is transmitted. To ensure everyone’s safety, the terms of service for Discord specify that the platform has monitoring measures. Even with the help of Discord’s monitoring personnel, your IP address is not used to trace you.

Cookies-like software packages with browser tracking unique identification numbers are used by P2P services to keep track of their users. … In order for the tracking rig to quickly identify the individual, the reference number might be up to 35 characters long. Read the Discord app’s terms of service to get a clear picture of what the app is doing with your data.

Who Is Discord Mobile App Used For?

There are a variety of use cases where Discord can be a great application to use. Below are just a few:

Discord is the perfect program for budding e-sports streamers like you and me to use for audio and video conferencing. You may form communities out of folks who like your gaming strategy or just want help setting up their own gaming gear using the Discord.

The Discord app is most commonly used by Youtubers to provide paid membership content, such as advanced information or advise for influencers, for exclusive access. Discord, despite its lack of premium features, can be tempting to those who are looking for a free alternative, who want more customizability, and who don’t mind setting community servers and everything for their communities.

Streamers should use Discord:

For people who need one-on-one support to establish a business, learn new talents, or obtain 1-1 coaching, streaming influencers with specialized skill sets commonly use the Discord app. If their business activities are hindered by technical difficulties, they can access shared group support using the discord app. Discord is used as a Saas setup by streamers instead of more advanced Saas.

If you’re a professional e-sport gamer, you should use Discord.

There is a high probability that you will get overwhelmed and easily get scared away by the intricacy of setting up other streaming apps as you commence on your gaming experiences. To learn more about live streaming, you can use the Discord software, which is simple to set up and doesn’t necessitate any prior knowledge of complex customizing.

Best for e-Sports Creatorpreneurs is to use:

For the majority of gamers, podcasters and YouTubers, the discord app is a no-brainer. Anyone that relies on brief clips and highlights showcasing technical know-how and games, rather than live broadcasting for their business is a good fit for a service like this.

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