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List of Games with Twitch Integration Available Online

Nowadays, many live gaming streamers stream their games with twitch integration. Twitch integration is something more unique and curious than a regular-stream. It has a live chat feature which makes the stream more fun and engaging for the audience.

Do you also want to earn followers through live streaming on Twitch? Twitch Integration allows the viewers to participate in the game in various ways and support the player by sending donations. Remember that the viewers may also hinder the streamer’s game.

In some games, the viewers can place one object on the map where the streamer is playing. The viewer’s participation makes the stream even more exciting and engaging. Make your twitch account and start live streaming today with Twitch Integration.

10 Best Games with Twitch Integration 

Games with Twitch Integration

You cannot play every game live on Twitch. There are some specific games that you can stream easily. Twitch’s privacy policy is not lenient for every game. League of Legends is the most ever streamed game on Twitch.

Though you can play many games on Twitch, the Twitch Integration feature is specific for some games only. Games like Jack Box, Dead cells, and Black Future offer in-game chat for the viewers. Here we have a list of the top ten Twitch Integration games that you can stream.

The Jack Box Party Packs – (1-7)

On the top of the list, we have “The Jack Box Party Packs.” It is a series of seven party video games, and its release began in 2014. After 2014 with the gap of one or two years, a new part of the game series came on the screen. The latest release is of the 7th series in 2020.

It is a set of games in which the audience has to participate for more fun. Though you have to purchase the game before you play it, we recommend the Jack Box 3+5. This part of the series has some popular games like Quiplash and Drawfull.

Black Future ‘88

Though Black Future ‘88 is a 2D game and the graphics are not very high, the game is fantastic. There is a nuclear war, and now everything depends on you (the player). You have to climb a tower in a short time of just 18 minutes.

The tower is sky high so that it can protect you from the catastrophic effects of the nuclear explosion. While you are rushing towards the tower, you might face several hurdles on your way. You have to fight your way through the murderous robots and wardens.

You can take help from the boosts and spells while fighting your way to the tower. Your audience may also help you by using the co-op mode. Remember that you have to reach the tower before your heart bursts out, so hurry up and don’t waste your time.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 is third among our list of best games to stream with twitch Integration. It is among the best first-person action games. The story of the game is mind-blowing. It is about the end times when there is chaos everywhere, and you have to survive.

You have to fight against the whole army of the opponents, and you have to beat some special characters. The game has a groundbreaking melee action while fighting with characters like “Skittergate” and “Rasknit.”

In this game, the followers or the viewers may also affect the game of the player. They can hinder or support the progress with the help of in-game chat. For this game, you have to activate the twitch mode from the Map Menu.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is another fantastic game on our list. You can play it on Xbox One, Playstation4, Switch, and PC. The game’s story is like a terrible disease has spread in the kingdom, and everyone is going mad. Many people died due to the disease, and you are still alive.

Now, what you have to do is to fight your way out of the kingdom. The gatekeepers and everyone has gone mad, and they won’t let you out. You have to use several spells like stun, freeze or slow to pass through the people.

You can activate the in-game chat and get the viewers’ opinion while running to save your life. The viewers can suggest to you which way to choose and how to pass through several places. The game becomes more fun with the participation of the viewers.

Minion Masters

You can easily live stream Minion Masters through Twitch Integration. It also has an in-game chat feature that allows your spectators to chat with each other and you. The viewers can become puff fan spectators once they enter the arena.

Minion Masters have one vs. one and two vs. two gameplays. You can invite your friend for a team up and then supporting each other you may gain victory. In the battle, you have to use the minions to defeat your opponent. Every minion has unique abilities and powers.

The game seems to be simple, but it is deeply strategic. You can be a game-changer if you have perfect timing and know when to go for a combo. You can play this real-time strategy game on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.


It is a fantasy action game with scenes of the magical world. The word Noita means “Witch.” So, in this game, you play the role of a witch who has to fight her enemies. You can use your magic band to overcome your enemies through different tricks.

As the game is happening in the magical world, you might face any unexpected thing anywhere. Always be ready to freeze, melt, burn, and fight your enemies as they may appear any time. You can also use spells for your assistance in different fights.

The spectators can suggest different ways or tricks for passing through the hurdles on your way. The environment is constantly changing. Sometimes, you may be in the middle of lavas, and other times you might be fighting with the snowstorms.

Marbles on Stream

“Marbles on stream” is the 7th best game among the top ten games to live stream on twitch Integration. It is a simple game where you have to win a marble race. The spectators can also join the game through the in-game chat.

The goal of the game is to come on the top of the leaderboard. You can assign all your spectators with one marble through twitch integration to participate in the game. You can also upload your map to a global level and compete with the best players around the globe.

Stream Animals

Stream animals is a survival game where you have to survive until you are the last man standing. This game can help you build a large community quickly because the game is engaging and summons more audiences.

The viewers can also participate in the game with their animal characters. There is a grid-like map where all the animals are placed. Then the player has to move his animal in any of the four primary directions. Once all the moves are made, the real fun starts.

There may be an event like a fight among the animals, removing several grid boxes or stones raining from the sky. If you survived these events until the last man, you are the winner. The events may be selected randomly or by the audience voting.

Party Hard 2

Party Hard is an enjoyable game. Your neighbors are having a party at 3 am, and you are tired and want to sleep. The party noise is so loud that you can’t get proper rest if the party goes on like this. Now, you have to enter your neighbor’s house and stop their party.

Your audience can also participate in the game if you are streaming with twitch integration. In the initial 2 minutes of the game, your spectators can place several traps for you in the neighbor’s house. Some spectators may also place supporting things that might help you.

You have to accomplish your task without getting caught. The spectator who wins the most points will be rewarded as king of the game. This game is playable on several platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, etc.

Words On Stream

Words on Stream is a straightforward game that even kids can play. There might be words rising on the screen of yours and your spectators. Now, the winner will be the one who writes the correct word in the cheat. But you have to be first, as only the first one will be the winner.

You can also play in the team and complete different challenges to get some awesome rewards. This game is entirely free to download. The in-game chat feature will be available only if you are streaming with Twitch Integration.

While you are streaming, you need to think of internet speed as well. Low quality internet speed can make your stream lag. For good quality stream, read our guide on internet speed for game streaming.

Final Words

The above article was all about the best games with Twitch Integration. These games have an in-game chat feature, which is unlimited fun for you and the spectators.

Some of these games are free to download, and you have to pay for them to download. Download now and start live streaming with Twitch Integration. You can also save your stream by reading our guide on steps to save twitch stream.

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