How to Capture Clip on Twitch

Capture Clip on Twitch Using Mobile or PC

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Are you thinking about capturing clips on Twitch using mobile or PC? But you don’t know how to clip on Twitch and what the significance of this captured clip is? You need not worry; we will explain why we capture clips and how one can capture clips on Twitch.

As we all know, Twitch is a great live streaming platform for real gamers. Besides gaming, we can say that it is a source of entertainment. You can enjoy your moments by using this fantastic platform.

After the brief introduction, we will now discuss the clip feature introduced by Twitch. Capture clips on Twitch allow its users to make a clip of a minimum of 5 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute. Through this clip, the user shares the information with their viewers.

This 1-minute clip may be an entertainment clip, informational clip, gaming clip, or many others. The main reason for the twitch clip is to get the viewers’ attention. The main concern is to rank their twitch account by entertaining their viewers.

How to Clip On Twitch: Complete Guide

As mentioned earlier, you can use the clip feature on both your PC and your mobile. No issue; it may be android or windows. There is no rocket science in the clip capturing technique.

We will teach you step-by-step how to clip things on Twitch using mobile or PC. But before answering how, we will explain to you the answer of why capturing clips.

Why Clip On Twitch?

The simple answer to this question is that Twitch streamers want to share the information with viewers to gain their attention. But viewers only get attracted to those streamer’s clips that share unique information or unique entertainment on their twitch account.

As a streamer, you get views on the clips you have created. When different viewers view your clips, you will get several dollars for each clip. In this way, streamers can rank their twitch account by entertaining their viewers.

Both the host, as well as the viewer will get the benefit. It is an excellent source of entertainment for both of them by just capturing and sharing the clips. There is no other or second answer to this question.

We hope that you get the point, “why” people capture clips on Twitch. Now, let’s move to our guide and discuss in detail how to capture clips on Twitch. Here is an article recommended for you illustrating you the steps of watching twitch using a Nintendo switch.

How to Clip On Twitch Using a Smartphone

The question is, how do you clip on Twitch? Follow these steps to capture clips on Twitch easily.

  • Select the streaming clip
  • Edit the selected clip
  • Give a title to the clip
  • Publish the captured clip

First of all, you have to download the twitch application on your mobile. If you are an Android user, download it from the play store. On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, download it from the apple store. Just search on the search bar and click on the download option.

How to Clip on Twitch

After successfully downloading, create your account on the twitch application. Add your basic information and your Gmail account or phone number to register on this platform. Start enjoying the live streaming of gaming and music. If you have already signed up, you have to sign in.

After an account creation on Twitch, you have to select the streaming video on your dashboard. After that, press the clip button on the top right corner of the twitch screen. Now, you have chosen the clip, and it’s ready for making changes.

This means that now you can trim and crop this clip according to your choice. You can select the limited portion of this streaming video.

After the editing, you have to give a title to your clip. Make sure this clip title must be attractive and catchy. In the end, publish this clip from your account. Share this clip with your viewers and entertain them.

Ensure that the clip must not be more than 1 minute. You can trim the other streaming clips as well as generate your clips by using the camera.

Twitch provides you with the delete option besides that. If you do not like the capture clip, you can quickly delete it by pressing the single delete button.

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How to Clip On Twitch Using PC

Search for Twitch on the search engine and log in to the Twitch account. Once you land on the interface, search in the search bar for some streaming videos to create a clip and share with your viewers.

After selecting a streaming video, go to the clip button on the top right corner of your twitch screen on the mobile. Press the clip button and edit the clip according to your preferences. You can crop the video or trim it where you want from the whole video.

Besides that, you can press the Alt and X buttons to reach the clip feature directly. This is the shortcut method of clip formation. It is only available on your PC screen, not on your mobile screen.

After trimming the clip, you have to give the title to your captured clip according to the choice. Now publish this clip by just pressing the print button. Now, this clip is available for your viewers. You can download or save this clip on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a clip on Twitch?

Highlight the streaming video that you want to clip on Twitch. Select your favorite channel that provides you with the best result according to your choice. Then click on the create clip button on your screen.

This option is available on both mobile or PC screens without any change. You can quickly delete, share and watch your captured clip at the end.

Just follow the six simple steps to quickly create a clip on the Twitch without facing any problem.

  • Select your favorite channel
  • Click on the create clip button
  • Edit the clip according to your taste
  • Entitle the clip
  • Publish the clip
  • Save or download the clip

How do you clip more than 30 seconds on Twitch?

You can make a twitch clip for more than 30 seconds. The minimum length of your clip is 5 seconds, while the maximum length of your clip is 1 minute. You can select any streaming video from different channels; no issue, it may be more than 1 minute.

But the main thing is that you trim the video chosen up to 1 minute, not more than that. Go to the clapper board icon and make more than a 30-second video. Clip means short video; if it is more than 1 minute, it may lose its importance. Short clips are very effective and informational.

How do you clip a twitch moment?

There is no difficulty in capturing clips on Twitch. We have mentioned all the ways to clip on Twitch. It is not a hectic task, but a very joyful one. You enjoy clipping on Twitch.

Where are clips on Twitch now?

If you do not know about the clip presence on the twitch account, follow these instructions.

  • First of all, go to the search bar available on the top of the screen.
  • Select any channel from your given list.
  • Find the specific clip by typing its title.

In this way, you will get the clip quickly. But if you want to open the clip list of your account, visit your profile, click on the video button, and press the dropdown button. You will get all your previous and new clips.

Final Remarks

We answered your question: how to clip on Twitch. Clips are short entertaining or informational videos shared by the host or streamer for the pleasure of their viewers. As a result, the streamer ranks their Twitch account by capturing clips on Twitch.

Live streaming clips are trimmed and cropped and published through different channels. You must check this clipping feature of Twitch, which enables you to share music or gaming videos.

Twitch is a great platform that is fully loaded with the latest features and is ready to use. So, capture your clips and share them with your viewers and charmingly facilitate your viewers.

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