How to Get Viewers on Twitch- 10 Easy Strategies to Follow

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Are you struggling to know “how to get viewers on Twitch?” Then do not stress out and follow the strategies that we will discuss in the article to grow your Twitch’s channel.

If you are passionate about making your Twitch channel a big success, then focus on all the tips and research more, and know everything.

Details On How to Get Viewers on Twitch

So, dive into the article to know more about the viewers on Twitch. It will surely help you to increase the number of visitors and viewers on your Twitch.

Can You Earn with Twitch

Most gamers are anxious to know whether they will earn money using this platform. So, there is excellent news for you as it is possible to achieve and many people are already making money.

Expert streamers manage to make a hefty amount between $3,000 and $5,000. These streamers are usually playing videos for forty hours, approximately a week.

If we include the ad revenue in it of $250 for an average of one hundred subscribers, this amount will jump. So Twitch can prove even more profitable if you invest more time in it.

Therefore, if you dream of earning more money, then use it frequently. Additionally, follow the tips and tricks to excel.

How Much Viewers Are Good On Twitch

If you want to get subs, it is essential to reach 500-1,000 concurrent viewers. Luckily if you got a large number of subscribers, your income could elevate from 200$ to 300$.

According to an authentic website Statista, an average of about 2.93M concurrent viewers watch content on Twitch. So, keeping in mind this amount, you can increase your viewers by doing some hard work.

How to Get Viewers on Twitch: Working Tips

Every streamer aims to get more and more viewers, but unfortunately, it is not practical to get it overnight. So, you have to practice the tips again and again to achieve your benchmark.

In this portion, we will give some fantastic tips that will aid in growing your viewers. So, we will let you know about how to get twitch viewers.

Play a Game That Has the Most Viewers

If you want to get attention from new viewers, you need to stream videos with many viewers. In addition, make sure that your video must not have a bulk of broadcasters.

It is not a solid idea to broadcast a game that 20 or more people are already streaming. Plus, if those streamers have more viewers than you, never go with that game, change it, and select any other.

So, if you have luckily found a game with less than fifteen streamers and the number of viewers of more than one thousand, then it certainly assists you in getting more viewers.

Moreover, make sure that the game you have selected must have viewers on a few channels rather than on the same track.


Share On Social Media

If you aim to enhance your viewers, there is no better option than reaching a large audience. But, again, social media accounts can lend a helping hand when it comes to viewers or audiences.

Therefore, try to invite people to watch your stream by using your social media accounts. Use your Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram handle if you do not have them, then we will suggest you create an account on them as soon as possible.

There is no harm in practicing all the above-mentioned social networking sites to promote your Twitch channel. But most of the gamers prefer to go for Twitter and Instagram.

So, if you want to get the maximum benefit from these two platforms, you have to post daily. The more time you give, the more popularity and success you can get. Read our guide to save your twitch stream and share on YouTube channel.

Besides adding the link in the bio and posts, use hashtags as well. Again it will enhance the possibility of your recognition. Lastly, I would like to advise you to be gentle and kind. Interact with your followers in a friendly way. Do not be so rude.

Always Keep Your Stream Alive

Try to be active and vigilant during your streaming. For example, do you want to watch T.V on mute? I am sure you will never like to do it. Same as that, people turn to your stream for fun and enjoyment.

But if they do not get any fun watching you, then who will see your streaming? Indeed no, anyone, not a single person. Therefore I will suggest you avoid radio silence during streaming.

You can become better at it by practice. Stand in front of the camera and talk to yourself. This session will surely help to eliminate the silence or long pauses in the streaming.

Invite People in Your Circle to Watch Your Stream

You must have talked and communicated to your friends or any other people during gaming. Most of the time, you work as a team to complete a task. Then, just like that, you can invite those people to check your streaming video.

It is a great idea to get more followers if they have no time to watch your full streaming. Still, they can follow you, and it will surely help to grow your Twitch’s channel.

Additionally, make sure to be kind and invite friends in a better manner. Never force them to stream your video. Most people will check your streaming video if you make a request.

Stream Consistently

Be consistent to stream videos because it will increase your chances of getting recognized by the public. It will prove best if you stream every day without taking any breaks. But it is not feasible for most of the newcomers.

Moreover, people have to do other things in life, such as attending school, college, or any job. So, try to make a routine and balance your life. For example, stream three times a week, and every streaming has to be of three hours.

Furthermore, if you have zero viewers, there is no point in streaming videos daily. It will only drain your energy and can cause you depression.

If you stream more often, you will get exposure and can face the camera more confidently. So, by doing practice, your skill will get mastered, and you will become able to stream more professionally.

Stream On Other Sites

It will prove beneficial for your twitch channel if you stream on other sites. Most people dream of streaming on any other place but think it is not easy.

We will suggest you make streamer friends and host each other’s streaming content. It will prove a turning point in your career if you get a chance to stream on a famous website.

Furthermore, it will prove helpful to increase your viewers to be hosted by a small streamer. Finally, you can elevate your chances to get hosted by remaining active in popular and successful streamer communities.

There is another option, and that is to follow the influential streamers. Sometimes they select a random follower and host it. However, it does not happen every time, but you can accept anything.

Attract With Overlays

If you create overlays, it will attract people to your stream. In addition, overlays can assist you in looking professional. After all, professional streams can be the first choice of viewers and will increase your authenticity.

When people see the properly designed overlays, they will consider you a pro and like to watch your more streamings. However, if you are afraid of overlay charges, then we have good news for you.

Several free overlays can make your stream look more attractive. I am not saying that having overlays will guarantee your success. But it can give you the edge over others. Hence your possibility of getting more viewers will jump.

Setup Notification for You

It is another fantastic trick to get more viewers. By changing some settings, you can notify your followers whenever you come to live. Although if you have a fixed schedule, there is no need for this option. But still, some people need to be reminded over and over.

Suppose some of your followers do not want to get that notification and find it annoying. Then they have an option to turn it off simply by a click. Again, there is no rocket science involved in it.

Create a Discord Server

Discord will prove a fantastic way to have an interaction with your Twitch family. Are you wondering what Discord is? Then in simple words, we can define it as a chat room for the streamers.

If you want to monitor your chat somehow, Discord is convenient and more effective than stream chat.

Moreover, if visitors like your Discord, then they will come to view your stream more often. In this way, your viewers will increase, so consider this point more seriously.

Final Verdict

To wrap up the discussion, I will say Twitch is an excellent platform for streamers. But most of the users do not apprehend” how to get viewers on Twitch.”

We are optimistic that this article has undoubtedly solved your problem. Follow these tips thoroughly and tell us about the results you experienced in the comment section.

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