3 Easy Ways to Save Your Twitch Streams in 2021

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Twitch is a platform that is renowned for streaming videos. Twitch is used by people who showcase their gaming skills and share their thoughts. This platform is loved by its users, especially from the gaming community who enjoy watching gameplays.

Twitch is Nirvana or heaven for gamers and game lovers. We can say that Twitch is the most prominent platform of the gaming community. More than 7.3 million users go live in a month on Twitch, in which 2.2 million users only share gameplay through live stream.

It’s just not an app or website; it’s a community of 30 million daily visitors. That’s why all creators always want to know how to save Twitch streams

Unfortunately, there is a problem. Some streamers want to keep the records of their content forever. Or sometimes, some creators may be fond of their streams and want to watch them again in their spare time.

This is the issue most twitch streamers are confused about. It is because they have no idea how to save your live stream on Twitch.

Best Ways on How to Save Twitch Streams


ust chill out and continue reading this article. I’m going to tell you about the three easy ways to save your Twitch streams in 2021.

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Saving Your Live Streams

Saving your twitch stream is not as difficult as it seems. To save your twitch stream, you have to follow some simple steps, which I’ll tell you below in detail.

One thing to remember you can save your stream for 14 days in this method if you’re a regular user. A happy-go-lucky situation for twitch affiliates or partners is they can save their stream for 60 days.

Step No. 1: Go to the Homepage of Twitch.

Step No. 2: Click on your profile picture, which you can see on the top of the right side.

Step No. 3: After clicking on your picture, click on the Setting option then you’ll be redirected to the setting page.

Step No. 4: Click on Channel and Videos from the setting page.

Step No. 5: After clicking, you’ll be on the creator dashboard of your channel. See the creator board menu and click on the Stream option, which you can see below the Setting option.

Step No. 6: Now, you can see the Store Past Broadcast option enable it.

Step No. 7: Again, click on your Profile Picture and then choose the Channel from the Menu.

Step No. 8: then click on Videos which you can see beside the Schedule option.

Step No. 9: Go to your Homepage. Click on Video Producer from the Menu.

Step No. 10: Select the video you want to download, click on the three-dot option beside the video, and then choose Download. That’s it. You can watch all your content and save it for a specific time.

Saving Your Streams as Highlights

Twitch highlight is a built-in feature that is used to make short videos from streams. This feature is essential for both streamers and audiences.

Streamers used this feature to make short videos of the best moments of their streams. In this way, they share their content with those not online at the time of the stream. See our article related to watch twitch on Roku.

Highlight also helps the audience to find about the content of a specific channel. For example, if a new user discovers a channel, he may not want to watch a stream that lasts for hours. And that’s where highlights attract the audience.

Note: Make sure that you enable Store Past Broadcast Option. Follow this procedure In case you don’t know how to enable it?

Go to Setting > Channel and Videos > Stream > Store Past Broadcast option and enable this.

So, hurry up and scroll down the page to find out how to save Twitch streams in Highlights.

Step No. 1: Login into your Twitch account.

Step No. 2: See the top of the right side on the homepage and click on Profile Picture.

Step No. 3: To get all your videos, click on the Channel from the options you see.

Step No. 4: You’ll be redirected to your channel. Now, you’ve to click on the Videos tab then on the All Videos tab.

Step No. 5: Select Past BroadCast.

Step No. 6: Now, you’ll see all your broadcasts. Click on the video you want to make a Highlight.

Step No. 7: Click on the Highlight, which you’ll see easily under that video.

Step No. 8: Watch your stream, select the specific part of it through the yellow bar, and set a time for your Highlight.

Step No. 9: After selecting the time, describe your Highlight by giving name, tags, and short description, then click on Create Highlight, and it is ready.

Downloading Twitch Videos

If you’re a creator, it’s good for you because you can easily save your videos, whether it’s only for 14 days. Remember, only the creator can download his videos which will automatically delete after 14 or 60 days. While you are thinking of streaming, you must have question on how to watch twitch Roku, read our guide to find alternative.

To save your videos permanently, you’ve to download videos on your mobile phone, PC, etc. As you can’t download any video officially from the Twitch platform, you’ve to use third-party apps. Below you’ll find out about the two methods of downloading twitch videos.

Method for PC

Step No. 1: Download the latest version of GitHub’s Twitch Leecher software.

Step No. 2: Click on the software file after downloading and select Run.

Step No. 3: Complete the Installation procedure.

Step No. 4: Then login into your Twitch account and copy the link address of the video you want to download.

Step No. 5: Again, open GitHub’s Twitch Leecher software and click on the URL option under the Search tab.

Step No. 6: Paste the video link address you copied from your Twitch account and select Search.

Step No. 7: Now, you’ll see the video on your screen, then choose the Download option.

Step No. 8: it’s time to select the video starting and endpoint, name, resolution, and location for the file. After that, click on Download.

Method for Mobiles

Step No. 1: Download the Twitch app on your mobile and open it.

Step No. 2: Select a video and click on the share icon and then select Copy.

Step No. 3: Paste the link in Notepad for safety.

Step No. 4: Open the browser on your mobile.

Step No. 5: Write in the google search bar and Open the website

Step No. 6: Again, copy the link to the video from Notepad.

Step No. 7: Open the browser again and paste the video link on the website homepage.

Step No. 8: Click on Get Download Link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do twitch streams automatically save?

No, Twitch doesn’t save or download streams automatically. You’ve to follow this simple procedure to download your streams. Go to Setting > Channel and Videos > Stream > Store Past Broadcast option and then enable it.

To download videos, open the Twitch homepage, click on your profile pic on the top of the right corner, select Video Producer, and download any of your videos.

Why did my twitch stream not save?

You can’t watch any of your streams if the Store Past Broadcast option is disabled in your twitch setting. To enable this option Go to the Setting > Channel and Videos > Stream > Store Past Broadcast option and turn it on.

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Bottom Line

To be honest, the downloading procedure of twitch streaming is not as complex as it sounds. You just have to follow some steps to download and make Highlight from your content.

Yeah, it can be exhausting for users, as they have to download an app or software separately. The reason is Twitch doesn’t allow users to save someone else’s content. However, they do it to protect the creator’s work.

In the end, you’re downloading someone else’s content through third-party apps without the owner’s consent. Hence remember to respect copyright law before using the Streams clips anywhere else without the permission of the video owner.

I hope you’re successful in finding the answer to how to save Twitch streams. Leave a comment, and let us know, which method of downloading Twitch videos you find most useful.

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