Easy Ways to Stop Hosting on Twitch – Beginners Guide

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Although Twitch is an excellent platform for streamers to entertain their audience, there are some blue streamers. The streamers may be unhappy for several reasons, like losing interest in Twitch, inappropriate content, or wrong policy. We will tell you how to stop hosting on Twitch.

If you are no longer interested in streaming on Twitch, you can quickly stop it. Many other platforms are offering live streaming options for streaming, making a tough competition for Twitch. Moreover, Twitch policy is also a bit irritating for many streamers and viewers.

You can choose any other medium to stream to your viewers, but you should un-host Twitch before that. It is because Twitch has an open policy, and there is a risk of data leakage or someone other might use your account.

The below article will cover everything about Twitch hosting. We will tell you how to start or end hosting on Twitch, its drawbacks, and when you should leave it. Read the article thoroughly to know more about Twitch turn-off hosting.

What is Twitch Hosting?

Twitch is the live streaming platform through which you can host various channels on your Twitch page. This platform was launched in June 2011 by an American. Further, this platform is affiliated with Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce store.

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This is an excellent initiative taken by Amazon, but the only bad thing is this platform is promoting vulgarity instead of broadcasting live games. Moreover, through this platform, you can also make purchases of gaming accounts of highly professional players.

This platform arranged many esports competitions. The real purpose of this platform is to entertain the people. There are 45 million viewers of Twitch. It is at the 4th number in the world of web traffic gainer ranking.

Why Should You Do Twitch Hosting?

There are different reasons for Twitch hosting. For example, you can share information with your viewers by using this platform. You have to arrange a meeting and allow all the participants to pass comments.

Besides this, you can do Twitch hosting for entertainment purposes. Host different music channels on your twitch page and engage people. If you feel bored, you can join it for gaming purposes and enjoy realistic games.

You can use it for business purposes. To generate a sale, we can say that you can sell different games and get a commission on them. Last but not least, you can use it for communication purposes. Twitch gives you a chat box option; you can comment during live streaming of videos. Here is an article recommended for you providing you the insight for the starting and growth of twitch,

How to Host on Twitch

There is rocket science to host on Twitch. You have to set and type the host channel name, for example, GTA, and simply ON the hosting mode and put this channel name into the chatbox. That’s all, now your viewer clicks on the channel link in the comment box and joins it.

The viewers can also inform you about their views on your game in the chat box or comment section. There are many categories of channels on Twitch. You have to choose the track and start live streaming it.

Using a PC

There is no significant difference between using Twitch on PC and mobile. You can watch the live streaming without signing up on Twitch. But if you want to host the videos, you must have to sign up before hosting. On PC, you have to search Twitch and make your channel on this platform.

After signing up, you have to go to settings and add different channels on your page, and if you want to host one of the channels, it links in the comment box and starts live streaming. You can answer your viewer’s queries through the comment box section.Here is the article recommended for you that provide you the insight regarding comment adding and deleting the comment box.

Using Smartphone

If you want to use this live streaming platform on your mobile phone, you download the Twitch application from the play store if you are an android user, and if you are an Apple user, you can get this application from the apple store.

Then sign up to the account if you are a new user; otherwise, sign in. The next step is to go to settings, select the channels from the category list, and select one. Share the channel link in the comment section if you host the live streaming of the track.

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You can arrange a competition of games through this platform. And also do promotions of new games. You can easily use Twitch on your phone rather than on your PC. Because you have to log in once then, there is everything in front of you.

There is no need to worry about how to manage the live streaming on the channel. You share the channel link; then everything will be governed by Twitch on its own.

How to Stop Hosting on Twitch

Type /un host in the chatbox and send it to your viewers then, simply it will stop sharing. Another option is to go to settings and the hosting opportunity. Now you have restricted your account. The reason behind stopping hosting is to avoid vulgarity.

Most people use this platform to entertain people by shoeing them pornography. And in return, they get subscribers and viewers. Based on these, subscribers get the dollars. Press the Twitch turn-off hosting option in the setting. In this way, you will stop hosting on Twitch.

These people ruin the Twitch policy and promote nudity. Twitch should take action against these users.

Stop Hosting on Twitch

Reasons to Stop Hosting on Twitch

The only drawback of this platform is the promotion of porn, and there are no gender or age limits on this live streaming site. Kids are badly affected by the live streaming of porn channels.

Sorry to say, but we can say that it is a porn site, not a live streaming gaming site. Twitch has to recheck its policy. Otherwise, its rank will drop to zero. It is against society’s demands.

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Like all the live-streaming platforms, Twitch is also a risk for the kids. Not only for kids, but it is also dangerous for all of us due to its open policy. Twitch has no check and balance on the users. That’s why users feel free to promote vulgarity for the sake of money.

Twitch should think that business is not everything. But its main concern is just about ranking, nothing more. That’s why it does not take action against those who host porn channels. I hope so; you understand why it is an inappropriate platform.

Against Policy

Twitch does not monitor the activities of the users and gives a free hand to its users. This free-hand policy badly affects the fame of Twitch, and it does not apply strict rules on the content of streamers. Twitch should take new approaches and take strict action.

Loss of Interest

Many social media platforms are going to launch the live streaming option. So, there is excellent competition in the market of live streaming, and everyone tries to make its policy better. Unfortunately, Twitch is not sincere with its work.

On the other hand, YouTube bans the channel that promotes hate speeches. That is why users lose their interest in Twitch and go to other social media platforms that offer the live streaming option.

Loss of Standard

Due to its poor performance, there is no standard for Twitch. It loses average value just because of money. Initially, Twitch banned many reports on the performance of vulgarity promotion, but with time, it compromises on its policies, that’s why now it lost its standard.


YouTube, Diecast, Twitch, and many more social media sites offer the live streaming option. Due to this opportunity, these platforms gain the attention of the viewers. But different platforms offer different policies.

YouTube has a strict policy; they never compromise on its values while others give a free hand to its viewers. But this politeness is not favorable for its users because they use it in the wrong way.

Time Management

The minimum time duration of the live stream is 10 minutes. It is viewed that between 12 pm and 9 am, there are enough viewers on this platform, while this time, there are fewer viewers. The time of live streaming on Twitch is much better; you can broadcast in the long term.

Most streamers give 4 to 10 hours in a day to entertain the audience. Unfortunately, they are not considering the audience in the right and exact way.


To conclude this topic, we can say that nothing is good or bad, but the usage matters. Twitch is not the wrong platform; it is a handy and entertaining platform. If you use it for fun purposes, it will entertain you.

But the concern is that people use this platform for the promotion of vulgarity. We discussed with you “how to stop hosting on Twitch.” Try to follow these given instructions and stop live streaming vulgar videos.

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