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How to Watch Twitch on Your Nintendo Switch

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In this article, we will discuss all the details about Nintendo Switch Twitch relations. It covers all the essential issues about streaming on Twitch through Nintendo Switch. Though it is possible to stream on Twitch through Nintendo Switch, you can’t watch Twitch on Nintendo.

To watch Twitch live streaming on your Nintendo Switch console, you have to install Android OS on it. We would never recommend you to do so because it is harmful to your console. Watching Twitch on Nintendo might not be good, so you should use an android for it.

Details on Nintendo Switch Twitch 

You can easily stream Twitch on your Nintendo Switch with a couple of devices and software. To know more about using Nintendo Switch for streaming on Twitch, read the below article thoroughly.

Nintendo Switch

How to Access the Twitch App on Nintendo Switch

Twitch is getting famous day by day among the e-sports streamers. Many new streamers face the problem of how to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch. Though many people might find it difficult, it’s not that much complicated. Instead, we can say that it’s tricky.

If you want to stream on Twitch through Nintendo Switch, you need additional devices and software. It is because this Switch has no direct access to Twitch. You would need a video capture card and OBS software to stream on Nintendo Switch successfully.

The basic set of devices for streaming on Nintendo Switch includes a computer, webcam, capture card, OBS studio, and a headset. All these devices are interconnected to make a complete setup. The headset should have a microphone to record your voice in the stream.

You Bought a Switch for Gaming

You might only buy a Nintendo switch for gaming as it is only for games. The reason is that Nintendo has unique features that allow you to play heavy games quite smoothly. Do you also want to buy a switch for gaming? If yes, you should consider the following points.

Nintendo Switch comes at two different prices. You can buy Nintendo lite for 199 dollars while the original version is for 299 dollars. Because of the shortage in the covid situation, many retailers increased the price of the Nintendo Switch.

You can buy a Nintendo Switch for the original price from Amazon, Gamestop, and target. These markets provide Nintendo’s accessories, but you might have to wait for it as it is out of stock occasionally. You can get it from eBay for a higher cost if you need it urgently.

Drawbacks for Switch

Though streaming Twitch on Nintendo Switch is quite popular nowadays, we can not ignore its drawbacks. The five most prominent disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch that we found so far are as follows. Please read carefully and then decide whether you want to buy it or not.


As far as we searched it, we found that a Nintendo Switch is costly compared to other gaming devices. The cost increases when you talk about the accessories that you need for Nintendo Switch Twitch streaming.

When you buy a Nintendo Switch, it only costs you 299 dollars. But you have to purchase several other devices with it, such as Joy-Con Grip and a pro controller for TV. Though the prices for the accessories are not very large, when you add them, it seems costly.

Fewer Games

If we estimate the number of games available on Nintendo Switch, these are not more than 70. In this modern age of games, where we find hundreds and thousands of games, 70 games is not a big deal.

Short Storage Space

You might be surprised when you would know that Switch has only 32 GB of internal memory. We all know the importance of internal storage for playing games, but Switch does not provide us this facility.

However, if you access the games with cartridges or Switch’s physical media, you don’t have to install the complete game. On the other hand, digital games require complete installation for proper functioning.

Paid Services

Besides having some drawbacks, Switch still offers paid online services. You have to subscribe to the games if you want to play them. While the gamers already have many other subscriptions, it isn’t effortless to manage more subscriptions.

It Doesn’t Support Twitch.

All the e-games streamers know the importance of Twitch. Twitch is one of the most comprehensive streaming platforms, with over 120 million users. The Switch can take advantage of it, but it doesn’t support Twitch.

Due to the above drawbacks, many gamers avoid using Nintendo Switch for playing games, but still many use it. About 84.59 million units of Nintendo Switch have been sold, and the demand is rising day by day.

Streaming Live on Twitch on Nintendo Switch

Do you want to stream live on Nintendo Switch on Twitch? Well, that’s not impossible, but also, it’s not simple. It would be best if you had a trick to stream live on Nintendo Switch on Twitch. Many users stream using Twitch by this trick, so it is a hundred percent working trick. Read article to connect Roku to Twitch.


What Do You Need?

If you want to stream on Twitch on Nintendo Switch, you would need a few additional devices. These devices include a video capture card, an upgraded computer, a headset, and a dock. Among the required software, you need OBS only.

A Dock

A dock allows you to play the game while using the TV screen for better visuals and graphics. It would help if you had a dock to connect your Nintendo gaming console to the TV. If you don’t have a dock, you can also use an HDMI to USB-C converter to connect your Switch to the TV.

A Decent Computer

If you want to play a professional game, you would need a decent computer for it. The more you upgrade your PC, the better your gaming experience will be. You have to install software on your computer to connect your PC and the capture card.

A Video Game Capture Device

A video game capture device or a card connects your computer to the Nintendo Switch. It captures the video of your Nintendo gaming console and sends it to the computer. The PC then uploads it to Twitch for live streaming.

While buying a video capture device, keep it in mind to buy a device that works finely with OBS studio. Mostly a device that supports 1080 p and has a frame rate of 60 FPS is recommended. We would recommend you to buy Elgato Game Capture HD60 S for Twitch.

Twitch and Switch

Though Nintendo Switch does not support Twitch, gamers use both of them for streaming their games. It would help if you had free streaming software such as OBS studio to stream on Twitch. Several additional devices are also required to make a proper connection among them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Twitch not on Nintendo Switch?

There is not any apparent reason behind this mystery that why a gaming device like Switch lacks Twitch. However, many gamers use Nintendo for playing games, and they also stream on Twitch using it. These gamers use Twitch indirectly for streaming.

How do I stream on Twitch with Nintendo Switch?

We know that one can not find a Twitch app on a Nintendo gaming console. However, many streamers still stream on Twitch with Nintendo Switch. Here the question arises of how to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch.

For this, you need a video capture card, OBS, headphones, and a computer. All these devices and software are interconnected with each other for Nintendo switch twitch streaming. Though you might stream indirectly using a PC, you will be playing on Nintendo Switch.

What do you need to stream Switch to Twitch?

To stream and switch to Twitch, you need a dock, a decent computer, and a video capture card. It would be better if you had a dock for playing on TV, and a video capture card is a primary connection between Nintendo Switch and Twitch. A headset may enhance your streaming experience.

How do you stream from a Nintendo Switch?

Twitch does not support several major streaming apps like Twitch, Netflix, etc. But you can stream directly on Youtube, Hulu, and other supported apps. Many gamers also stream on Twitch, but they use an alternative method. You cannot stream directly on Twitch with Switch.

Final Thoughts

The above article was all about Nintendo Switch Twitch and its relation to games. We can summarize the above article by saying that it is impossible to watch live streams on Twitch with Nintendo Switch as Switch is only a gaming console.

Nintendo has a strict policy when we talk about the copyrighted videos. Due to this reason, many gamers prefer Twitch for streaming over the other apps. However, while playing on Switch, they can not stream directly to Twitch.

For streaming live on Twitch while playing a game on Nintendo Switch, the user has to use other devices. It may include a dock, a computer, and a video capture card. Nintendo Switch Twitch streaming is a bit tricky, but one can handle it easily.

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