Best PC Build for Twitch Stream

Best Streaming PC Build For Twitch Live

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Streaming games on Twitch is getting popular day by day, and you will find more streamers now and then. Through the broadcasting of different games, you can earn both money and followers. But, are you looking for a streaming PC build for twitch streaming by professionals?

If you have planned to start streaming in the future, you should focus on your PC setup. A strong PC will broadcast the stream smoothly and will drive more viewers and followers. 

On the other hand, if your PC is not good, you will face a lag while streaming, leading to poor performance in the game.

Details on Best Streaming PC Build for Twitch 

Maintaining a high FPS is the fundamental problem of most streamers. You can quickly solve this problem by building a unique PC for streaming. This guide will tell you all about creating a perfect PC for streaming games on Twitch.

Example of Streaming PC Builds

We searched for the best PC for gaming and streaming, and here is what we found. We organized our results, and here is a list of some best gaming and streaming PCs. The list is following the rising prices of PCs.

You can select any of the following PCs according to your needs. We also estimated the budget to keep it in view while choosing a PC for you. These are not the names of these PCs. However, you can build these PCs by telling the technician about the specifications of the PC.

Budget Streaming Build 

The latest version of Windows 10 can support this system efficiently. High graphics and 8 GB RAM allows you to stream games smoothly in 720p. Unfortunately, you can not stream all games in 1080 p on this PC, though you can stream several classic games.

The price of this PC is estimated to be around 650 dollars. So, if you are a new streamer and can’t afford to buy expensive PCs, this PC is standard for you. So, start streaming with it today and earn money to buy a more upgraded CPU.

Storage1 TB
Graphics cardRX 570
MotherboardASRock B560M PRO4/AC
Power SupplySeasonic S12III 500
Operating systemWindows 10
CaseCooler Master MasterBox Q300L
CPUINTEL i5-11400
CPU CoolerStock

Solid Streaming Build

Solid Streaming Build PC has six cores to provide you with excellent gaming and streaming experience. The total price of this PC is about 1200 dollars. The cost is estimated, so there may be minor fluctuations in it.

Moreover, the PC is standard for streaming modern games at 1080 p or 1440 p without facing any issues. With this PC, you can also use NVIDIA’s hardware encoding to get a more handsome experience.

RAM16 GB Dual-channel DDR4-2400
Storage1 TB Team SSD
Graphics CardGTX 1660 Ti
CPU CoolerDeepCool Gammaxx 400 
MotherboardASRock X570 PRO4
CaseCorsair 275R
Power SupplyCooler Master MasterWatt 650
Operating SystemWindows 10

Hardcore Streaming Build

If you want to stream games in 1080p or 1440p, then a CPU with the above specifications would be pretty standard. Moreover, it can stream modern-day’s latest video games on Twitch without causing any lag issues.

Also, it has double storage options to store heavy games easily.  Ram and graphics card are also better as compared to the previous PC. When we talk about its price, it is more expensive, but also it is better than the previous one. The estimated cost of this PC is 2000$.

RAM16GB Dual-channel DDR4-3000
CPUIntel i5-11600K
Storage 11TB Samsung SSD
Storage 21Tb Team SSD
Graphics cardRTX 3060 Ti
Power SupplyCooler Master MasterWatt 750
CPU coolerBe quiet! Dark Rock 4
CaseCorsair SPEC-OMEGA
MotherboardASRock Z590 Phantom

Professional Streamer Build

The streaming pc specs of this device include that it allows you to stream at the highest video quality possible. You can stream in 1080p or 1440p as per your mind. The 32 GB Quad-channel DDr4-3000 plays all games smoothly, and you can stream to any platform.

The estimated price for this PC is about 3000 dollars. But if we compare it with the previous ones, it has far more qualities than those. For example, it allows you to stream games at 60 FPS (frames per second), one of the best FPS for live gaming.

Ram32 GB Quad-channel DDR4-3000
Graphics cardRTX 3080
CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950X
MotherboardGigabyte X570 Aorus
Storage 12 TB Samsung SSD
Storage 22 TB Adata SSD
CaseCorsair 750D
CPU CoolerBe quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
Power supplyEVGA 850 B5

Ultimate Streaming Build 

Ultimate streaming PC build is an excellent choice for those who want to do streaming as their full-time profession. The average price of building such a PC is about 6500 dollars. Only those streamers who are streaming as a profession can afford this PC.

64GB Ram, 6TB of storage, and an RTX 3090 graphics card make the best combo for streaming games on Twitch. With a stable internet connection, you can become one of the top streamers with such a handy CPU. In addition, it uses high-quality encoding for your stream.

RAM64 GB Quad-channel DDR4-3600
CPUAMD Threadripper 3970X
MotherboardAsus Prime TRX40-PRO
Storage 12 TB Samsung NMe SSD
Storage 24 TB Samsung SATA SSD
Graphics CardRTX 3090
CPU CoolerCorsair H115i Pro
Operating SystemWindows 10
CaseCooler Master Cosmos C700M

Two-PC Setup

If you have enough money to buy two separate PCs for streaming, it would greatly benefit you. The two PC setup includes two PCs. One PC is for the game, and the other one is for streaming.

You can skip this section if you feel uneasy about two PCs or you can’t afford them. Using one PC for streaming is also recommended and is not bad if you don’t have two PCs. However, two PCs can significantly improve your gaming performance and experience.

Your Gaming PC

If you want a two PC setup for live streaming, remember that one of the two PCs is for gaming. It is also known as a gaming PC as it has all the specifications that help the game run smoothly.

Your gaming PC should have the latest software and hardware technology and should be up to date. However, you don’t need to worry about streaming as it is the task of the second PC. A fully upgraded gaming PC lowers the lag in the game and increases the FPS.

Dedicated Streaming PC

The second PC of the two PC setup is the streaming PC. It has lower graphics cards and lower RAM and memory. This PC is only for streaming, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the game. Some features of a dedicated streaming PC include:

No Graphics Card

A dedicated streaming PC doesn’t have a graphics card. We use the graphics cards to improve the quality of the gaming pixels, but this PC is only for streaming. SO it doesn’t need any graphics card.

Less Power

We discussed above that a streaming PC doesn’t have to do anything with the game, requiring less power. We would recommend you to use any version of core i5 to ensure smooth streaming.

Capture Card

A capture card is the only thing that you should add to an ordinary CPU to make it suitable for streaming. It is because most PCs don’t have a video uploading chip in their motherboard. You should prefer a capture card with HDMI and HD support. Read more details related to capture card here.

How Does It Work?

The working principle of a two-PC setup is very straightforward. In a two-PC setup, you will have two CPUs and two monitors. One CPU and monitor is for streaming, while the other is for gaming.

A capture card connects these PCs and transfers the video information from the gaming PC to the streaming PC. The streaming PC is only connected to Twitch to forward the video information from the gaming PC to the Twitch cloud.

Why Use Two PCs If You Can Use One?

A two PC setup helps you play an intense game where a fraction of sec can be the game-changer. In such situations, you can not even afford a lag of a few microseconds. A two PC setup eliminates the lag in your game.

Streaming with the same PC often creates such lags. When you stream from a separate PC, the load on the PC divides, and you can play a smoother game. Most professional streamers use a two PC setup for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to build a streaming PC?

If you want to build a streaming PC, you would need at least 650 dollars for it. The price goes up as you upgrade your CPU with the latest hardware and software.

What specs do you need for a streaming PC?

At least 8GB RAM, 1TB Storage SSD, and a graphics card are the basic specs required for a streaming pc. You can add more specs to stream in higher quality with no lag issues. You would also need a high-standard motherboard and a processor for it.

What is a good streaming pc build?

The ultimate streaming build is the top-quality streaming PC recommended for professionals. However, if you want to stream games just for fun, we recommend the solid streaming pc build.

Final Words

Buying a streaming pc build is a one-time investment, so be careful while purchasing a pc. In conclusion, we can say that a PC must be strong enough to support the live streaming of various games.

Check out the above PCs by reading the article thoroughly and selecting one for yourself that meets your needs. Also, let us know about any ambiguity that you still have. It might be a pleasure for us to help you.

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