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Twitch Guide to Start Your Journey

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Twitch is the platform where many people want to try their luck for earning or for entertainment. In this way, they want to start their game streaming through Twitch. If you are also one of them, then this twitch guide is genuinely for you.

In Twitch, streaming of your content can be as long as eight hours or as shorter as a few minutes. Additionally, you can have different streaming categories which you can watch. If you like any of them, you can choose to follow to manage other content of that channel.

After subscribing to the channel, you can get new streaming notifications. After the successful launch, Twitch has collaborated with many gaming companies and keeps getting partnerships with other organizations.

The most known gaming organizations that collaborate with Twitch include Overwatch League and Blizzard Entertainment.

An Ultimate Twitch Guide for Everyone

For starting your journey on Twitch, you need a Twitch guide you have to follow. So, let’s begin without any further delay with what Twitch is.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is one of the most known gaming platforms where gamers can do live streaming of their content. This incredible and vast platform came into being in the year 2011. From that time, Twitch has attained the support of millions of followers.

According to the current report of the 2020 year, there are about 3.8 million users who are considered unique broadcasters. Not only this, but Twitch is also more than offering just game streaming. It also provides you with broadcasting other related things like music or food.

Sign Up with Twitch

For the twitch streaming setup, you need to know some essential steps of sign up. For this purpose, follow the given below points to sign up for your account on the desktop.

  • Reach to the official twitch website
  • Find the option “sign up” on the right side of the home screen.
  • The login page will open. To sign up, create your account and fill the form.
  • Select your authentic username.
  • Provide a password, date of birth, and email address.

Meanwhile, it would help if you also read the google captcha for robot verification. On the other hand, if you want to sign up for your account through a mobile device, follow the below rules.

Twitch Guide Signup
  • Firstly, download the Twitch application, install it, and open the app on mobile.
  • Click on the option “sign up” and give the related information.
  • Do not give a landline number.

After this process, an email confirmation notification will pop up. It would help if you allowed this by permitting the privacy policy. It involves the messages from that channel to which you subscribe.

Additionally, you will qualify for recovery of your account and chat in the channel’s comment box. After submitting the signup form, you will get a code consisting of six-digit to confirm your contact is the article recommended for you illustrating recording of twitch streams using PC.

How to Start Streaming with Twitch?

With the help of simple steps, you can easily do live streaming on Twitch. If you want to do stream on Twitch, then the steps for this include:

The first thing that you have to do is create a Twitch account. If you have an account, it is well and good. But if you don’t have one, you have to make it. Keep in mind to turn on the Two-Factor authentication when creating an account. It is for safety purposes.

If you are a savvy phone user, you have to download the Twitch application for streaming and handle your account settings. After creating the Twitch account, you should read all the terms and policies of Twitch because it is essential for streaming on Twitch.

After doing the above-given steps, you have customized the channel you have created at the time of creating an account. With the help of this, your followers can quickly know about your channel. In the customization, you have to add a description, add a logo, and do other settings.

Now it’s time to set up your hardware because you need a powerful setup with a webcam and the best microphone for streaming. If you are going to stream on Xbox or Playstation, then you don’t face any difficulty.

Now, you have to choose the streaming software. In the market, you will find too many third-party streaming software that you can use. But we recommend you use the Twitch streaming software.

Because it is straightforward to use, and you can start streaming within a minute. You can add too many things in the stream layout like a chatbox, alerts, and many other things. With the help of the above-given steps, you can easily do a live stream on Twitch.

Need more information, read Do You Need A Capture Card to Stream on Twitch.

Now it’s time to talk about how you can earn money from Twitch. Different ways to make money from Twitch are as under:

How to Earn Money with Twitch?

There are too many ways to earn money on Twitch. But before moving to the main topic, you have to remember some essential things. The first is that not everything works immediately, which means you don’t earn money instantly after creating the Twitch account.

You have to wait for some time and regularly work on Twitch to earn money. The second thing that you have to remember is that not every earning method will work for you. You have to select the earning method according to our interest and stream topic.

No, we are going to share some earning methods with you. With the help of these earning methods, you can easily make too much money on Twitch. Here is an article recommended for you providing you details on starting to monetize your Twitch stream..

Via Twitch Affiliation

The best and simple method to earn money from Twitch is to join the Affiliate program. But for this you have to meet some requirements, it includes:

  • You must have 50 or more than 50 followers.
  • Completed the 500 minutes of stream in the last 30 days
  • Your stream must have three or more viewers all the time

When you fulfill all the requirements, you can quickly join the Affiliate program of Twitch. After fulfilling all the requirements, you will get an email to join the Affiliate program and earn some money.

Earning through affiliation is the best and easiest method to make money from the Twitch streaming platform.

On Subscriptions

This feature is called the subscription on YouTube, and on Twitch, it is called the subs. In this feature, people pay money to sub your channel to support you and your channel. In the reward of paying cash, people can get emotes, badges, and access to different events.

If we talk about the subs, the cost for this is $4.99. If anyone pays this amount and subs you, Twitch will give you half the amount, which means you will get the $2.50 for one sub. If you create a big community and too many people agree to support you, you will earn a lot.

But it all depends on your popularity. It is also the best way to earn money from Twitch, but this method will take some time to make money.

By Selling of In-Game Objects

The following way to earn money from Twitch is to sell the game or objects of the game. When you stream any game, you can give a link to sell the game. If anyone buys the game through your link, then you will earn a 5% commission.

For this purpose, you have to find such games which have affiliate links. You can also do the affiliation of the objects used in that particular game. You can make enough money with this kind of affiliation. You will enjoy playing the game and entertain your viewers.

Final Remarks on Twitch Guide 

Well! That was all about the twitch guide, which covered almost all the general aspects of a start-up. One should have a suitable device that further contains a good processor. Additionally, the must thing is a strong internet connection – the backbone of full streaming.

On the other hand, the microphone and webcam also play a vital role in good gameplay streaming. Hopefully, you get what you were searching for.

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