7 Tips to Help Start and Grow on Twitch

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Are you also searching for some twitch tips to start video streaming?

Did you know that the streaming industry will be worth $223 Billion at the end of 2028? The stats were a bolt from the blue, but it’s reality.

The rise of video streaming is entirely due to the apps that allow streamers to showcase their skills. Many platforms enable the user to stream for hours, such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Twitch, etc.

Though there are heaps of platforms for streaming, Twitch is a kingpin for streaming services. It is a famous community having an average of 30 million daily visitors. Not only users but the 9.5 million creators stream on Twitch every month.

Twitch Tips: Why You Need to Follow

No doubt it’s challenging to succeed in a community where you have 9.3 million competitors. It’s like a small frog in a big pond that has to survive on its own. Otherwise, you can’t be a big cheese in the Twitch video streaming world.

Most streamers don’t want to start their career because they are too scared of competition. Even though it’s challenging to win audiences, it’s not something impossible. That’s why I’ve come up with this article to give you some twitch tips.

These Twitch streaming tips will help you to grow and win the heart of the audience on Twitch. So, without wasting more time, scroll down, find out about the tips, and showcase your skills through video streaming.

Make Sure Your Mic Has Good Quality

Remember one thing the more reason you give to the audience to watch your stream is good. But never give the audience a single reason to quit your streaming. Do you think you will ever watch a video with horrible sound? Preferably no, right.

As you know, the competition you’ll have on Twitch. A user who has two videos of the skillful creators, but one with excellent sound and picture quality and the second is poor sound quality. Do you think he’ll choose the second option?

I’m not saying that you’ve to buy an expensive mic at the beginning of your career. Just make sure that the mic you’re buying will not irritate the audience with its sound.

Have a Good Internet Connection

A good internet connection is the most crucial factor for streaming for all platforms. Without a good internet connection, you can’t succeed in your career.

In a world where most of them have the facility to watch videos in HD. Do you think someone will watch a video stream with buffering and lagging issues?

Twitch is known for gaming streams. Every stream in which a creator showcases his gaming skill needs a stable internet connection. Without it, you’ll end up with a stream with the lagging issue.

Following are the recommended internet speeds for twitch streaming.

  • To stream in 720P, you need 3000 to 4000 kbps internet speed.
  • To stream in 1080P, you need 4500 to 6000 kbps internet speed.

Get a Webcam

The reason why people stream is they want to connect with people. You can’t communicate with people effectively without a webcam.

While game streaming, the second thing that matters most is your appearance. Your action while playing? How does your body emote, and how did you speak? What do you do when you win? In short, streaming is not only about gaming or other topics; it is also about you.

An excellent quality webcam, good mic, stable internet connection is a perfect combination of success for streamers. So, always remember to buy a top-notch webcam for high-quality streaming.

Make a HUD

HUD stands for Head-up display. It’s a way to make your stream more professional and visually appealing.

Ever imagine Why most streamers have chat box, overlay, social media profile names over their video streaming? And how whenever someone supports streamers through donation and writes comments, a notification pop-ups?

These all things appear because the streamer usually purchases a pre-made template or hires a freelancer to design these things. You can choose any option which suits you most.

If you don’t know the best services, you can choose these two tools to make your stream more appealing.

  • OBS Project
  • XSplit

Stream Something That People Watch, But Don’t Stream

Famous games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global offensive have massive audiences on Twitch. Streamers even set the record for an 80 million hours stream of League of Legends.

There are thousands of creators who showcase their Fortnite gameplay skills on Twitch. They also have an audience, and that’s the problem. A famous game, and already thousands of people stream it, then; why would someone watch yours?

I’m not saying that you’ve to choose a game that has no viewers. Just make sure that you’re choosing a game that people watch but not many twitch creator streams.


Get a ChatBot

Managing the twitch channel does not take blood, sweat, and tears at the start. But over time, it will become an arduous task for you. Interacting with some followers compared to thousands of followers is a whole different thing.

That’s why people purchase chatbot software or tools. A chatbot is like an assistant or manager who works for you. And give your freedom from some responsibilities.

ChatBots are responsible for engaging the user and control the activity of followers. For example, the last thing that a streamer wants is spamming links in the comment section. The chatbot detects the malicious links in the comment section and deletes them.

That’s how it works and takes some responsibilities off from the creator. Following are some famous chatbot software you can use.

  • Nightbot.
  • Phantom Bot.
  • Moo Bot
  • Wize Bot
  • Stream Elements Bot

Interact With Your Viewers

Your twitch account performances depend on how you communicate and engage the audience. Yeah, stream quality is essential, but what is the use of this quality if you’ve zero followers?

Remember, success is something you can’t get overnight. It’s not necessary to work hard. You have to work smart. You’ve to engage the audience with you; otherwise, why would someone spend hours watching a monotonous stream?

Below you’ll find out about the tips that’ll help you to engage with the audience.

  • Send a welcome message to all your new followers.
  • Know your audience, find out what they like or dislike in your stream.
  • Tell about yourself in streams, so your audience can relate themselves to you.
  • Connect with your audience through chats.
  • Engage your audience through social media platforms.
  • Communicate with other creators as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the average twitch streamer make?

A streamer with 30,000 views per day can easily make $950 to $1100 estimated monthly income. Other than the income of Twitch, streamers also earn from different sources such as affiliates like sponsorship, brands, Ads, tournaments, and audience support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the average twitch streamer make?

A streamer with 30,000 views per day can easily make $950 to $1100 estimated monthly income. Other than the income of Twitch, streamers also earn from different sources such as affiliates like sponsorship, brands, Ads, tournaments, and audience support.

How do you get good at twitching?

  • Be consistent.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Use a good quality mic, webcam, and internet connection.
  • If you’re not getting a view, then try to change your content.
  • Choose another game that is not famous, like Fortnite or league of legends.
  • Understand your audience’s likes and dislikes, give them value.
  • Be patient and work smart.

How do tips work on Twitch?

Twitch users can give a tip to their favorite creator but not directly. They’ve to use Bits for it. Bits work as goods, which you can use to send information. The price of these bits is $10 for 1000 bits.

What should I not stream on Twitch?

There are some rules you should follow. These rules are a no-go area for every streamer. So make sure you’re not making these mistakes.

  • Don’t use your fellow creators’ content.
  • Don’t use music, images, or videos of someone else.

Last Words

The last tip for you is —— Be prepared for everything.

Starting a new journey as a streamer and getting the audience’s attention is not as easy as falling off a leg. So, you’ve to be prepared for the worst consequences.

There might be a time in the start where no one will watch your stream. But believe me, there will be a time when people wait for your streams.

Consistency is the key to your success as a streamer. Many streamers lose their followers because they do not make content consistently.

Bear in mind that you are on a platform where your absence might become the reason for someone else’s success. After all, the only thing the audience wants is content. If you fail to give your followers what they want, they will choose someone else content for their entertainment.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to find the twitch tips you’re searching for. In the end, constantly work and be prepared for both the worst and best scenarios. Comment below and let us know your thoughts regarding the tips we shared.

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