Upload Speed to Stream on Twitch: Things You Need to Know

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Are you a Twitch live streamer, or do you want to start live streaming on Twitch? Well, many people have asked us questions like what is the best upload speed for Twitch. So here, in this article, we will discuss all the details about Twitch live streaming.

What Does Upload Speed for Twitch Means 

The upload speed for Twitch means the required internet speed for live streaming on Twitch. If your internet connection is not stable or the pace is slow, you might face several streaming problems. To avoid such issues, we are here with the best recommendations for you.

Upload/Download Speed

If you are new to “live streaming,” you might be unaware of such terms. The upload speed means the speed at which you are uploading your data to any social media platform. A good upload speed can help you stream easily without facing any issues.

We all know that the download speed is the speed at which your device can download data from the internet. The upload and download rates are almost similar for a computer or a mobile, but they work in opposite directions.

We all know the consequences that we might face in case of poor internet connection. So, it is essential to know the recommended upload speed to stream twitch. Each app’s requirements are different from others.

You might also experience other live streaming platforms such as youtube or Facebook, so we will also discuss their requirements. 2500 to 400 kbps of internet speed is enough to stream a live HD quality video on Twitch. The audio will require an additional 160 kbps data.

Recommended internet speed for youtube is between 1500 – 4000 kbps if you want to stream in 720p quality. Similarly, for Facebook, 4000 kbps of data is enough to live stream in HD quality. Both of these apps require additional 128 kbps data for audio.

Factors that Affect the Required Upload Speed

Many factors affect the required upload speed if you are live streaming from any website, especially Twitch. The required rate may increase sometimes, and sometimes it decreases depending on the situation. Let’s discuss the significant factors affecting your upload speed.


The Pace of the Visuals

If you are streaming a simple video of yours where you are talking about something, it doesn’t require a higher bitrate. The reason is that the visuals are slow, and for a 720 p video, 2000 kbps speed is enough. Slow visuals require fewer bitrates.

On the other hand, if you are streaming a game with plenty of visuals, you must need a higher bitrate. When the graphics and visuals are more, you need a high speed to keep the excellent quality of the video. Here for a 720 p video, you might need 4000 kbps of internet.

Frames Per Second

The second factor that affects your upload speed is frames per second. More frames per second need a higher bitrate to cope up with the best video quality. For example, a standard bitrate for 30 frames per second video in HD quality is 4000 kbps.

However, if you want to stream a video game with quick actions involved, you might need more frames per second. For 60 frames per second video in HD quality, we recommend keeping at least 5000 kbps or 6.2 Mbps of bitrate. It might avoid the fluctuation in the video.

Similarly, for live youtube streaming, the recommended bitrate for 60 frames per second video is 7.4 Mbps. On Facebook, for an HD stream, you need only 5 Mbps speed. If you want to stream video in higher quality, you have to buy an affiliate program from Facebook.


You might be wondering how the competitors can affect your upload speed requirements. Well, if your competitor is streaming at 1080p and you are streaming at 720p, whose video will have more viewers?

Probably your competitor’s video, because his video quality is much better than yours. Similarly, his video will show the quick actions clearly while you might face a problem with this. To stream a high-quality video, you need a high-speed and stable internet connection.

How to Get a Good Upload Speed?

We have calculated the recommended upload speed for Twitch and several other platforms, but now we will discuss how to get that rate. Calculating the recommended speed is more accessible, but it becomes more challenging when it’s time to achieve that rate.

Here we have some tips for you to follow when you are live streaming. These tips are handy if you are facing lag issues even after using high-speed internet. Moreover, your internet speed also depends on your service provider, so always get business services.


Wired Internet Connection

A wired internet connection is more stable as compared to a DSL or a satellite connection. Though WiFi is best to watch videos, you should always go for a wired fiber connection when it comes to “live streaming.” A wired connection is more stable, and it has less interface.

Remove Other Devices from Your Connection

You should know that the internet speed fluctuates when you connect more devices to it at the same time. Therefore, permanently remove other devices before you go for live streaming. A stable internet connection will provide you with more fps and smooth streaming.

Don’t Open Multiple Apps At the Same Time

While you are streaming, check that there should be no app running in the background. Apps running in the background use a lot of data and can reduce your bitrate. Also, check if there is any other tab opened on your google or any other program.

Prefer Cloud-based Multistreaming

Multistreaming is when a streamer wants to stream to more than one platform at the same time. Unfortunately, most streamers face internet speed problems while multistreaming because it requires more data to handle the load.

Whenever you think about multistreaming, opt for cloud-based multistreaming. It lessens the load on your internet connection, providing you with a smoother and stable connection. In addition, it allows you to stream to more than 30 platforms at the same time.

Remove Malware

You can use several websites and tools to block the unnecessary malware that slows down your computer or device. Also, use ad-blocking tools to lessen the load on your bandwidth. Finally, stop all the speed-leeching and undesired programs before streaming.

Use the Latest Hardware and Software

To get the best upload speed for Twitch, the hardware and software of your device must be of the latest technology. So it is because the updated software and hardware don’t require more data.

On the other hand, old drivers are not suitable because they may slow down your device. Similarly, old modems or un-updated modems can not provide you with a high-speed internet connection. So, try to use updated software and hardware to stream smoothly.

Latency Affects Livestream

The time that the signals take while traveling from your computer to the internet connection is latency time. Therefore, it significantly impacts your stream’s quality and affects the video and audio quality.

If your latency is unfortunately high, you will face a lag in your game and a lag in the stream. High latency can cause a few seconds of delay in your video. You can only notice the delay caused by latency in live shows where you question your viewers and respond to them.

Drop Frames

Are you still getting drop frames in your live streaming video, even with a high-speed internet connection? Well, you might have a problem with your capture card. Your capture card might not be capturing the footage efficiently, due to which you are facing such issues.

In such a situation, you should change your capture card. But before changing your card, remember to check if you have high-speed internet. Also, check if you are using a wired internet connection or WiFi.

How to Stream At Low Speed?

Several applications can help you stream the video smoothly even if you have a slow internet connection. Such apps allow you to record your video and then stream later the same video. Nobody will even think of if the video is pre-recorded or is live streaming.

Some apps have a bonus for you. They allow you to set a time, so it automatically starts the stream as the time enters. Even if you are not available, the application will stream your pre-recorded video. Read article on Ways to save your twitch streams.


In conclusion, we can say that video quality is very much vital if you are streaming live. However, though the content also matters, it is no use if your voice and video are not evident.

You may be an experienced gamer and may have mind-blowing skills, but what if you don’t have high-speed internet. Nobody would like to watch your stream with poor-quality video and audio.

So, we would recommend you focus on your device and internet connection before you go for a live streaming video. Moreover, if you still have any confusion in your mind, let us know in the comment section. It would be a pleasure for us to help you.

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